Quilting. I’ve been studying it a lot lately because I’m working on a project where I integrate quilting into my painted canvas. Growing up, I lived ¬†nextdoor to my Great Grandmother. She quilted religiously, it was like a full-time job for her. When her eyes got worse she would phone our house and ask for one of us to come over and thread the sewing machine. This usually happened two or three times a day. Now only the quilts and the remnants of her craft remain. I inherited the sewing machine and some of the scraps along with some of her creative genes. We’ll see where it goes.


Things that I like about the tradition of quilting:

-It is a craft of the oppressed. The African Americans used quilting to express their sorrow and their hope. And sometimes they encoded messages into the patterns.

-Way back when, quilting scraps were pieces of scrap clothing from family members. You could literally wrap yourself in your loved ones… or at least their materiality.

-Fabric patterns are beautiful and they compliment my color pallet.