Ellinda Siu


Sunday March 24, 2:00-400

Suite 208 165 W 4th Ave. Vancouver

Ellinda Siu’s show “interknit” is opening on next Sunday March 24 at 2:00. Come on out and bring your favorite tea pot to make tea.

From the flier: Family, home, our place of origin. It’s often where we want to be and where we want to get away from at the same time. Ellinda Siu’s interknit show, a collection of “dysfunctional sweaters,” gives rise to similar conflicted feelings. The sweaters are hand knit, tactile, comfy looking. But like most families, look more closely and the dysfunction emerges.

This isn’t strident work. It’s multi-layered work that quietly questions. It questions the imperatives of usefulness and commercial exchange through inherent unwearability. It questions body image by way of distorted proportions and parts. It questions the devaluing of domestic work by elevating the social and generational bonding that occurs around this “mere” craft.

There is a beguiling joy in which dysfunction is the gift. Beauty is in the flaws.