City Trees was originally published in 2003. There’s a lot I’d probably change if I went back to it with an editor’s eye, but I’ll refrain and leave it as it is. It’s a bit obtuse in places, elliptical in others, but overall playful and poetic and I like it’s whimsey. There’s a lot here that has resurfaced over the years, not the least of which is city trees themselves, like this post over at Brokenwing about “cultural photosynthesis.”

I participated in a fun event yesterday and we got talking about trees, and then about city trees. As it turns out we were on the very street looking at the very trees I was looking at when I started writing City Trees 11 years ago. Paula really wanted to read City Trees, so here it is, a downloadable PDF. It’s the easiest way I could think of doing this.


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