EXHINITION OPENING: Thursday, Nov. 27th. 7:00 pm
performances by: Poem Droids Only / Ben Frost Trio / WNDFRM

poetry / drawing / calligraphy / projection / audio

When we imagine the future we bring our past with us. This show is about Tasai’s collective imagining, from Tasai’s many pasts: Many cultures, many languages, many countries, many childhoods, many memories.

In this group show our past trajectories are interwoven and pulled into a shared future that is brighter, richer, more complete precisely because it is woven from many pasts. Our collective work remembers the future, together. We can’t help but think the resulting picture could be our city’s path to its best hoped for future.

When I imagine the future, my imagining is limited by the uniqueness of my experience. In isolation, my imagining will tend to be self-referentially narrow. I’m doomed to my own limitations in space and time.

But here’s the great paradox: my presence to my own experience, in all its embodied limitations, is exactly where I’m saved from my own narrowness. I find genuine face to face human connection inside the limitations of embodied space and time. When I am present to my own experience and that experience includes the presence of another, we have a mutual shared presence. Shared presence is the conduit through which we share our stories. It’s our shared stories that save us from the narrowness of our imaginations.

This group show is a collection of stories. Stories we have brought with us to this city. Stories that have been shaped by this city. We remember the future, together and it opens us to worlds of possibility.