The holiday season has been fun, loud and, let’s admit it, a bit harried.

Now it’s time to reset for the new year by immersing yourself in a magical world of almost silent sound.


A Simple guided environment
to restore your body, mind and soul. 

AREA 1: [silent no talking zone]
Reflect silently on the year past 
poetry/ Soramaru Takayama (Vancouver)
sonic environment/ WNDFRM (Portland)


AREA 2: [silent no talking zone]
Reflect silently on the year to come
You’ll get to write out a few thoughts here. 


*Cross the threshold into the new year*


AREA 3: [chatting zone]
Look forward to the year ahead!
Enjoy traditional ozoni* soup while you chat with friends.


$15 / cash only at the door
Includes Ozoni soup.

– reflect, contemplate, meditate at your own pace
– bring a yoga mat if you like
– arrive when you can
– stay as long or as little as you like

*Ozoni soup is a traditional Japanese New Years soup. It’s provided by Vegan Pudding & Co Head Chef Hiro. Hiro’s ozoni soup is fully vegan and totally delicious. 



Location Sponsor: SPACE 554 Clark Drive Vancouver

A (Mostly) Silent Night @ SPACE

A (Mostly) Silent Night 2017