Board of Directors 2018

Steve Frost

Executive Director
Artist, author and community organizer. Steve fuses decades of on the ground creative practice with considered research and thought. Through the two distinct and related commitments of sitting and conversing, Steve draws out the purpose, vision and organizational structure of Tasai through a consistent, ongoing engagement with Tasai’s dynamic ecosystem of relationships.

  • Voracious reader 86%
  • Student of Japanese language 83%
  • Inhabiter of coffee shops 79%

Mike Todd

Secretary, Treasurer
As director of Charitable Investment Programs at Chimp, Mike is responsible for the Charitable Investment Account, a unique donor advised fund which allows philanthropically-minded individuals, families, and companies to be as strategic with their giving as they are with their investments. Having previously worked many years in the non-profit sector Mike brings a wealth of organizational and financial wisdom to Tasai’s board.

  • Iconoclast 67%
  • Contemplative 88%
  • Cyclist 91%

Raymond Lum

Ray has owned and run his own studio for decades. His skill at navigating both creative and business realities on a daily basis brings a balanced presence to our board . Ray has taught at Emily Carr University and served on many photographic panels, councils and juries.

  • Hippie at heart 84%
  • Inveterate learner 87%
  • Sushi lover 77%