JPN49, Vancouver’s biggest Japanese Canadian Poetry event, returns this fall.

This annual event weaves together Japan and Canada through poetry and story telling as each year local Japanese poet Soramaru Takayama welcomes a new visiting Japanese poet.

This year’s visiting poet, Mizuki Misumi, is the youngest recipient of Japan’s prestigious Sakutaro Hagiwara Award.

Soramaru, who blends his poetry readings with theatre movement, has invited local Japanese taiko & shakuhachi player, Minoru Yamamoto to add new dimensions to Sora’s already multilayered poetry world.

These two talented poets, Soramaru and Mizuki, create a show like you’ve never seen before!

(Bilingual event, live English subtitles provided during the performance)



彗星のごとく登場し、最年少で萩原朔太郎賞を受賞、その他、中原中也賞、歴程新鋭賞、南日本文学賞など数多くの賞を総なめにした若き実力派女流詩人、三角みづ紀。動きのある、ユニークな朗読パフォーマンスの高山宙丸は、今回は太鼓・尺八の和楽器奏者・山本実を迎えて新しいチャレンジ。そして、ワクワク・ドキドキの期待のみづ紀と宙丸のコラボレーション!なにが飛び出すか!こうご期待! (英字幕あり、バイリンガルイベント)

Sora Takayama is a master poet and artist of vision, creativity, and expressive movement. His performances are filled with the full spectrum of humanity, engaging both the personal and the universal. His passionate performances stir the imaginations and emotions of his audience. A must see!

Maggie Tchir

Japanese Canadian Museum Committee, Langham Cultural Society

On Sora Sensei’s Art: His is poetry that conjures up sensual images, that pricks you, that gives you pause to think, to smile and possibly even to make you hungry! Bon Dos

Cofounder , ARC (Acts of Random Care) Works

Sora is an artist in life. He is passionate and dedicated to his craft, always learning, experimenting, and finding new ways to share and collaborate with other creative minds. Leanne Dunic

Artistic Director, Powell Street Festival Society

Be sure to see the wonderful performance of the talented poet and actor Soramaru Takayama in this inspiring must see show! Ariadne Sawyer

Cofounder, World Poetry Canada International

On Sora’s MUJI opening performance: Soramaru, the poet, has beautifully translated the concept and vision of Muji into a poem in his well-done performance. Asako Okai

Consul General, Japan

photo John Endo Greenaway

photo John Endo Greenaway

photo John Endo Greenaway