A (Mostly) Silent Night 2019

A (Mostly) Silent Night 2019

A (Mostly) Silent Night was a sonic and visual environment installed at SPACE which guided participants through a contemplative New Year reflection.

The first zone, called PAST, was a no talking zone where the poetry performance of Soramaru Takayama and the visuals of VJ Yasushi Harada (@chimanako) and sonic environment created by Tim Westcott (WNDFRM) helped participants silently reflect on the year gone by. The invitation was as follows:

Sit or lie down, whatever makes you comfortable.
Let the sounds carry you to an internal quiet.
Rest there. Focus on your breathing.
Without judgement, merely notice your thoughts.
Let thoughts about your past year emerge.
Continuine to suspend judgement.
Give yourself permission to stay a bit longer.
Rest there. Let your thoughts emerge.
When it is time, begin to reflect on your thoughts.

The second zone, called LIMINAL, was also a no talking zone. Participants were invited to reflect on the year ahead and then write down their hopes for the coming year. The invitation was as follows:

What are your hopes and dreams?
On the paper provided, write your hopes for 2018.
One word, a sentence, a phrase, a paragraph, your choice.
There is no wrong answer.
Place your paper in one of the envelopes provided.
Write your name on the envelope.
Place the envelope in The Hope Box.
Your envelope will remain in the box until next year.*

*Upon arrival, participants who attended the previous year’s event were presented with the envelope containing last year’s reflection.

The final zone, called FUTURE, was a convivial atmosphere of fun and laughter. Once their silent reflections were over, participants navigated a lit cloth tunnel which transported them to the future, a separate space right next door to the silent zones. This invitation was as follows:

Receive a bowl of soup.
Recall the hope you wrote down in the LIMINAL zone.
Silently, make that hope the name of your soup.
“This is [insert hope here] soup.”
Partake of your hope while enjoying the company of friends.

A huge thank you to SPACE for hosting our installation for the second year in a row.



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January 24, 2019