A (Mostly) Silent Night
January 02, 2017

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. ~Gandhi

A (Mostly) Silent Night provided a simple framework for reflection and contemplation. The content for the evening resided in the hearts and minds of the participants.

We wanted to create a counter point to what is always a hectic time of year. We wanted to give ourselves and our friends an opportunity to begin the new year with a post-chaos reset.

To guide the reflection and contemplation local poet and Tasai member Soramaru Takayama wrote and performed poetry. Portland musician and sound artist wndfrm (Tim Westcott) created a soundscape for the evening.

Here’s the flow…


Silent Reflection / 2016

Remove your shoes.

Sit or lie down.

Whatever makes you comfortable.

Let the sounds carry you to an internal quiet.

Rest there.

Focus on your breathing.

Don’t judge yourself, you can’t do this wrong.

Stay in the reflection area as long as you need to.

Again, do not judge.

Give yourself permission to stay just a bit longer.

Rest there.

Silent Trasition / 2016

1 Write your hope for 2017 of piece of paper

2 Place the paper in an envelope

3 Write your name on the envelope

4 Place the envelope in the hope box

Your envelope will remain in the box until next year. Schrödinger’s cat will watch over it.

When you come back next year open your envelope, reflect on the past year through the lens of your hope.


One must work with time and not against it. ~Ursula K. Le Guin

Once you pass through this door you cannot return.


The Talking Table / 2017

Receive a bowl of soup

Recall the hope your wrote in liminal time

Silently make your hope the name of your soup

“This is [my hope] soup”

Partake of your hope while you enjoy the company of friends