HyperLocalHereNow, in partnership with SPACE co-working space and VisualSpace Gallery, brought the work of local designers and artists into a vivid yet subtle visual dialogue.  The thematic thread was notions of place―being in place / from a place / place-making / sense of place.

… ”Spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime how to curve.” John Wheeler’s summary of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. 

We human beings, despite our best digitally networked efforts, are bound by spacetime. We move and have our being within the constraints of a hyper-local reality, here and now. For the most part, however, we are preoccupied with either what has been (memories good or bad, pain, hurt, nostalgia) or what is to come (future commitments, goals, plans). We citizens of modern developed cultures often find ourselves anxiously vacillating between the past and the future, not present to the realities of here and now. Instead, caught in an abstracted cloud of anxieties that exist only in our own isolated minds.

When we do manage to be present to here and now, to our embodied selves, to our matter within spacetime—spacetime tells us how to move. When we are present to here and now, spacetime invariably brings us into contact with others also present to here and now. Maybe we could say it like this, local beings find other local beings, when both are present to their local reality. HyperLocalHereNow…

~ Text from HyperLocalHereNow, mixed media installation. Steve Frost & Patrick Christie

In conjunction with HyperLocalHereNow, Tasai hosted a week long visit by White Ship, a Tokyo based company engaged in a unique hybrid of artistic practice and art-based leadership training. The visit, intended to explore the artistic pulse of Vancouver, included an event at VisualSpace gallery and the HyperLocalHereNow show. Both visiting and local artists participated in a discussion of their work with Whiteship’s Ryoko translating. The evening closed with a live calligraphy performance by Tasai member Kisyuu.