Photo Outing 07/2013

Photo outings are easy to do. Pick a place. Pick a time. Pick a restaurant to meet up at later. Off you go.

These outings are an easily accessible creative exercise. Don’t have a camera? If you have a smart phone, that’s good enough. Everyone is taking pictures anyway, so why not help each other take better, more meaningful pictures?


A simple photo outing creates an out of the ordinary moment. When you look through a lens you see the world differently, you slow down, you notice things you wouldn’t otherwise. Rather than another evening floating by, you are really present to your experience in a way that creates an experience worth remembering.

You have an immediate shared visual and spacial map of experience. A common language that belongs just to your little group.  “Oh, I remember seeing that thing! It was past the I was looking at. Wow, cool shot!” Looking over photos while you share a beer afterwards is half the fun.

Here's some of the awesome photos we took!

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