Remembering The Future

Tasai partnered with Raymond Lum Inc Photography and Transpacific Realty to mount a group show. Artists got space to mount a show. A leasing agency and building owner got four days of exposure for a dormant property.

Beyond the mutual exchange, for four days we—artists and business people—brought beauty and meaning to an otherwise empty, unused, lonley space. We did that, out of nothing. Together.

Pretty cool, hey?


The show was about Tasai’s collective imagining. Collectively, our imagination comes from many pasts. Many cultures, many languages, many countries, many childhoods, many memories.

In this show our past trajectories are interwoven and pulled into a shared future that is brighter, richer, more complete precisely because it is woven from many imaginations.

Opening Night

Poetry by Poemdroids Only
Jazz by The Ben Frost Trio
Ambient performance by WNDFRM

Poetry + Painting mashup


Fruits of the poetry + painting mashup

Collaboration / コラボ

Over the weekend we opened up the gallery space for collaboration. We had poetry readings and discussions in the poetry/meditation room, Japanese calligraphy workshops, a live painting performance from Tokyo by way of a live video feed, music/sound/poetry collaborations and poetry/live painting collaborations.

Stay in touch! Find out about future events just as cool as this one.