There’s a photo essay contest over at The theme is “city trees,” so we thought we’d go on a Tasai photo outing to shoot city trees.

It rained all week, so I was kind of worried. The morning of our shoot, glorious sunshine. It was a great getting up and going early on a Saturday and it really helped that there was amazing sunshine after days and days of rain. We all noticed that you see differently when you’re shooting. Sora commented that it’s like being in another version of Vancouver. It’s the same place, but you’re seeing new stuff in a different way.

Best random story from the day. We watched a float plane land and Sora said it reminded him of when he was a kid. His grandpa had a pilot’s licence and used fly over Sora’s house and drop toys for Sora and his sister. Greatest Grandpa ever! Sora said he doesn’t really remember what the toys were, just that great feeling of running to get toys falling from the sky.