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“We are witnessing the meeting of East and West. Through positive, non biased Eastern and Western cultural exchange, a new, more balanced, more enlightened global culture may result.” ~H.E. Davey The Japanese Way of the Artist

We host interdisciplinary art-based community experiences that foster cultural exchange and create face to face human connection for ourselves and the communities we serve.

Words that mean a lot to us.



This is the big one. Art can bridge cultures in a way few other things can. But more than that, art can be the new thing we make together once it’s connected us. Tasai brings differing but compatible creatives together for 1+1=3 connections. We find a mashup of Eastern and Western sensibilities particularly exciting and loaded with possibility.



Tasai isn’t about welcoming “foreigners” to “our country.” Tasai isn’t here and it isn’t there, it’s a third place, in the middle. A lot of us, in this increasingly post-colonial world, are exploring in-between identities. We might live in one place, but because we’ve also lived in another place our hearts are somewhere in the middle.



What kind of connection? Well, not like LinkedIn. Not networking. It’s face to face and intimate, usually small and relatively quiet. It’s friends and colleagues committed to process over product. At it’s best it’s community.



Fusion is about difference. Like fusion food, difference coming together to make something new and awesome. It’s generative connection. Fusion is the magic sauce that comes from doing collaboration well. We aren’t interested in addition, i.e. the controlled management of pre-classified predictable outcomes. We’re interested in fusion, i.e. exploding into awesome.



We believe in the individual disciplined pursuit of excellence in one’s chosen craft. We also believe in collective moments of terror filled interdisciplinary experimentation that pull you further and higher than you could have got to alone. We’re interested in becoming more than we could be on our own.



A growing number of organizations are realizing the need to humanize work. We believe artists are the right people to lead us into the work of humanizing work. We want to stand at the gates of hope and call people toward organizational, systemic, and sustainable change.

The Tasai Collective Members

natsukiKisyuu (Natsuki Abe)

steve Steve Frost

ray Raymond Lum

Sora Soramaru Takayama

arno Arno Apeldoorn

jenny Jenny Hawkinson

meg Meg Mittelstedt

mike Mike Todd

angela Angela Cao


Yurie Hoyoyon

ellinda Ellinda Siu

Tasai Tokyo

Founding Member Emeritus

mimi Mimi Brown

Japanese Poets North of the 49th

Soramaru Takayama in collaboration with Mizuki Misumi

第12回 高山宙丸のポエムナイト

今月も、詩人高山宙丸がしっとりと朗読します。ライブみたいに、飛んだり跳ねたりしません(笑)。朗読の後に、皆さんと一緒に、詩についての意見や感想を交わしましょう! 詩人として生きる。そのライフワークとして、自宅を開放して始めた、2013年8月の夜と同じ形です。 料理はVegan Pudding & Co. ヘッドシェフ、ヒロによる身体にやさしいビーガン料理。お楽しみに! 「ポエム」 はじまりのうた(その4) Waldeinsamkeit(ヴァルトアインザムカイト) 森のシステム レーズン〜第2章〜 空中庭園 ハイキング...

Art For The Art-curious

Everyone is asking you to be creative, but you don’t feel very creative. “I need some art in my life,” you think to yourself. But art is kind of incomprehensible, intimidating even. First, if you’re a human being, you *are* creative. Second, you *do* need more art in...

Becoming Human: Artists’ Solidarity Pilgrimage

https://vimeo.com/153644735 Tasai member, Jenny Hawkinson, is making part pilgrimage and part artist residency to Bethlehem, Palestine, March 02-20, 2016. Travelling with documentary photographer, applied anthropologist and contemplative activist Steve Pavey, she will...

Imagination, Beauty and Art

Fresh off the TED talk presses, from right here in Vancouver. By the way, after you watch this, there's a building on the north east corner of Hastings and Gore waiting to be re-imagined into something beautiful. I hope the talk is an inspiring reminder...

Sound waves for working

Really liking WNDFRM’s 12″ preview release for some late evening writing. You might know WNDFRM as Tim Westcott, our Canadian transplanted to Portland friend who made a special trip up to Vancouver to play at Tasai’s “Remembering the Future” group show.

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